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How to Formulate and Infuse Herbs and Spices into Medicine

Course Description

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This course examines innovative and modern methods to infuse natural herbs ingredients into healthy essential medicines that cure certain illnesses or sickness in human body. It also covers forms which herbs and spices can be made. All these in a professional way and

international health standard.

Advance Herbalism Course

his course examines traditional and modern methods of turning Herbs and Spices into Herbal Teas for enhancing bodily functions such as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Low blood pressure, Infertility in man or woman and Viruses. This course reveals the benefits of herbal teas and its health implications and cautions.

How to Create Natural Skincare and Haircare Products

This course examines innovative and modern ways of making skincare and haircare products from natural herbs in a professional and health standard. Skin products that great skin problems like skin burns, rashes, pimples, stress marks, Eczema and other skin infections.

Also hair problems likes Eczema, Dandruff, rashes, ringworm, scalp itching, bumps and other hair infections. This course covers all the extractions and implementation for skin and hair treatments. You will be certified after the completion of this course.