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Medicine and its relationship with the healthcare system has been intertwined throughout the
history of man and its sustainability for a long and peaceful life in this melting world of diverse
These two complementary concepts practiced together have provided healing and wellbeing to
communities all around the world. Medicine, as generally believed, is the concept of ingesting in
or on the body or surface that consequently provides a cure to the impaired condition or
malfunction. Historically, “traditional medicine” is sourced from the natural materials that
humans find in their environment. Popular of the natural materials we have the plants and
herbs. Natural herbs that grow in our fields have, over the years, been the major source of
healing and feeding to the human population.

Though natural herbs still possess this healing power, attention has been diverted to the
sophisticated alterations made to the plants in forms of chemicals and other unnatural
ingredients. These substances, mixed with natural elements, are produced to create what most
of what our healthcare system offers to patients which is now called “medicine”.
Now, I want to clarify that my intention is not to degrade the effectiveness of chemical drugs
administered in our health centers across the world. Rather, I am writing to open our eyes to
natural medicine and its efficacies and efficiencies in providing healing and wellbeing.

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Countries across various continents around the world have historical and tangible evidence to
what natural herbs have achieved in their communities. Many European countries, such as
China, India, Jamaica, Africa, and Brazil, have held their experiences of natural herbal cure in
great reverence. These are real and physical experiences that speak the gospel truth of natural
healing power to spiritual healing that does not fail.
Remarkably, governments of many countries have recently been encouraging their citizens to
partake in the agricultural resuscitation to bring back the healing experiences that provide
healthy lifestyles through herbal medicine and fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, traditional
medical practitioners have now seen the need to provide guides on the regulations and
directions to how these natural herbs can be used and applied to achieve good health.

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One of the major difficulties people face when using natural herbs is the challenge of what and
how to use them properly and effectively. Literature on the nutritional content of each natural
herbs and their healing qualities are out there, but hard to find and understand. Except for now!
Anthia Wint, founder of Finest Herbal Shop and modern herbalist, has compiled a book of
natural herbal recipes to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for anyone to use. Her book,
THE BOOK OF NATURAL REMEDIES FOR BEGINNERS is a condensed compilation of how to
use herbs to heal terminal illnesses, chronic diseases, and any other health challenge. This
book is intended to help simplify the ways to healthy living and includes, but not limited to, the

• What are natural herbs?
• What are the historical trajectories of natural medicine?
• What and who is an herbalist? Important qualities you need to watch out for.
• Over 30 natural, easy to follow, herbal recipes.
• Explanation on herbalism and spiritual healing.

• Healthy meal planning guide.
• Yoga guide for healthy living
• Meditation guide for health living and soul refreshing.

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The author, Anthia Wint, professionally explains these sections of her book based on her
experiences as an herbal consultant and therapist. THE BOOK OF NATURAL REMEDIES FOR
BEGINNERS contains everything you need to maintain your health in top form to achieve all
your ambitions and aspirations. This book ranks high among the league of highly rated medical
books. Give your health the priority it needs to aspire to future prosperity and peace. You can
BUY the digital version of the book HERE or Buy the print version HERE

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