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The Book Of Natural Remedies For Beginners (digital Version)


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The Book Of Natural Remedies For Beginners (digital Version)

Healthy living is wealthy living. We all might know that, but should the cost of healthy living be expensive to maintain? The question of cost is a real concern, and we all can relate to it. THE BOOK OF HERBAL REMEDIES FOR BEGINNERS is designed to usher you into a lifestyle of healthy living without requiring you to deplete your savings. It has been compiled by Anthia Wint, who channels her wealth of experience and know how to give you an easy to follow guide to herbal recipes that cure terminal illnesses. There are over 30 recipes to choose from with ingredients you can easily get in your garden or from your neighbor’s garden.

The book also includes Yoga workouts as well as meal time and meditation guides, all together in a single well considered publication.

When you BUY this book, you will be investing in the ultimate guide for a healthy living. You can feel safe with this book, and the guidance provided in it will enable you to make your own herbal cures in the comfort of your kitchen. Isn’t that nice? BUY NOW
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9 reviews for The Book Of Natural Remedies For Beginners (digital Version)

  1. Avatar of Ann Edward

    Ann Edward

    This Great Book is excellent 👍 Just bought it and loving ❤️ it already

  2. Avatar of Akande Zamijafe Festus

    Akande Zamijafe Festus

    This book, written from a background of a well exposed personality. His style of writing keeps you in suspense as you read through, thereby creating a craving for more reading, until all the pages are exhausting. It highlights the necessity and the resources around us as a tool for health living. The author concludes the book by outlining the processes of living healthy with herbal recipes. I’m elightened the more after exhausted all pages of this book.
    I congratulate the author on sharing his in-depth knowledge and insight and warmly recommend this book for all categories of readers.



    I never thought I will come across a well detailed book like this. The value of this book actually out weigh the price. A special thanks to the author of this book for a job well done. If I have my way I will rate this book with 5star over and over again, because of the benefits I have derived from this book.

  4. Avatar of Destiny Pizarro

    Destiny Pizarro

    Highly recommend purchasing! The book is awesome. Not only does it show the natural remedies but also how to make them. Hands down amazing start up guide for natural remedies.

  5. Avatar of Rosa Ruth

    Rosa Ruth

    Hand up to you Anthia,you did a great job in this book,now i can make my own herbs my self.

  6. Avatar of Sara Rosalyn

    Sara Rosalyn

    I love this book because I love to make natural herbs my self and this book has really helped me in so many ways.

  7. Avatar of Sabrina bright

    Sabrina bright

    Now i can put to use the plants in my garden and also add more plants,because this book has shown me the way.

  8. Avatar of Scarlet Adelian

    Scarlet Adelian

    Am so happy I got this book, I love it so much, because it has helped me turn so many recipes into herb for me and my family.

  9. Avatar of Teresa sylvia

    Teresa sylvia

    I so much cherish this book because it like a medicine to me,it has thought me how to prepare my immune booster herb on my own.

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