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How to Formulate and Infuse Herbs and Spices into Medicine


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How to Formulate and Infuse Herbs and Spices into Medicine

Course Description

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This course examines innovative and modern methods to infuse natural herbs ingredients into healthy essential medicines that cure certain illnesses or sickness in human body. It also covers forms which herbs and spices can be made. All these in a professional way and

international health standard.

Course Objectives

1. You understand what Herbs and Spices are
2. Where and how to get Herbs and Spices
3. Know the methods to prepare herbal medicine
4. Identify the forms or types of herbal medicine
5. Understand the efficacies of these herbal medicines
6. Know the effects and side effects of various herbal medicine
Students: All enrolled and registered individual and lovers of natural medicines
Prerequisites: Readiness and commitment


1. What is Natural herbs and spices ?
• When to get the natural herbs and spices
• Where to get natural herbs and spices
• How to get natural herbs and spices
2. What is Herbal Medicine ?
3. Forms and types of Herbal Medicine
• Tinctures
• Fire shots
• System booster
• System builder
• Capsule
• Tea
• Oilment

4. Methods of infusing Herbs and Spices into Medicine (for their purposes)
• Into Tinctures
• Into Fire shots
• Into System booster
• Into System builder
5. Benefits and Uses of Natural Medicine
• Health benefits of Tinctures Medicines
• Health benefits of Fire Shots Medicines
• Health benefits of System Booster Medicines
• Health benefits of System Builder Medicines
6. Precautions and Cautions of mixing and uses of these Natural Medicines

You will get a certificate at the completion of the course as a certified herbalist therapist
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11 reviews for How to Formulate and Infuse Herbs and Spices into Medicine

  1. Avatar of Arielle Adeline

    Arielle Adeline

    great… I hope more improvement will be done.

  2. Avatar of Adele Adriana

    Adele Adriana

    The best medicine you can use is the one made from natural herbs and spices,because it has no bad effect,am happy I now know how to formulate herbs and spices into medicine now.

  3. Avatar of Amy Andrea

    Amy Andrea

    Understanding this formulating herbs and spices into medicine is a great deal,you will be rest assured that your medicine is safe for your consumption,is the best for me.

  4. Avatar of David


    I paid for this course and I have been able to gain more knowledge about herbs and spices.

  5. Avatar of Deli


    With the aid of this course I have learnt more about Natural medicines

  6. Avatar of Leroy


    It’s self explanatory and I have improved a lot in herbs and spices.

  7. Avatar of Caroline Melvin

    Caroline Melvin

    Learning more about herbs and spices was the best decision I ever made

  8. Avatar of Leonard


    I paid for my sister to register for this course and she was committed to it and followed the course outline . Now she’s better at it now .

  9. Avatar of Callie Arnold

    Callie Arnold

    I have been able to make my own herbal medicine .

  10. Avatar of Nelson


    Getting my spices to make seasoning has been easy .

  11. Avatar of Oliva


    I recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in Herbs and spices .

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