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How to Create Natural Skincare and Haircare Products


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How to Create Natural Skincare and Haircare Products

Course Description

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This course examines innovative and modern ways of making skincare and haircare products from natural herbs in a professional and health standard. Skin products that great skin problems like skin burns, rashes, pimples, stress marks, Eczema and other skin infections.

Also hair problems likes Eczema, Dandruff, rashes, ringworm, scalp itching, bumps and other hair infections. This course covers all the extractions and implementation for skin and hair treatments. You will be certified after the completion of this course.

Course Objectives

• Understand the meaning of Natural Herbs
• Where and how to the right Natural Herbs for Skincare and Haircare

• Understand ways to extract materials for Skincare and Haircare
• Know ways to care for your Hair using Natural herbs

• Know ways to care for your Skin using Natural herbs
• Precautions and Cautions of extracting, mixing and uses of Natural Herbs for Skin and Hair care


Enrolled and registered individuals and lovers of Natural Herbs


Students readiness and commitment


1. What is Natural Herbs ?
• Where to get natural herbs for skincare and haircare
• How to get natural herbs for skincare and haircare
• When to get natural herbs for skincare and haircare
2. What do you understand by Skin and Hair Cares
• What is skin care ?

• Types of human skin
• What is hair care ?
• Types of human hair
• Ways to Care for the Skin
• Ways to Care for the Hair
3. Methods or Ways of extracting Materials for Skin treatment from Herbs
4. Methods or Ways of Extracting Materials for Hair treatment from Herbs
5. Types or Forms of Skincare and Haircare Products
6. Benefits and Uses of Herbal Skincare and Haircare Products
7. Precautions and Cautions of Extracting, Mixing, Uses of Herbs for Skin and Hair care

8 reviews for How to Create Natural Skincare and Haircare Products

  1. Avatar of Donna Williams

    Donna Williams

    This course made it easy for me to gain knowledge about skin care at the comfort of my home .

  2. Avatar of Barbara Thompson

    Barbara Thompson

    I was able to use home remedies and natural products to make my own skin care and hair care products and I got better results.

  3. Avatar of Magret Lewis

    Magret Lewis

    I did not regret paying for this course outline because I was able to cater well for my skin and I got an amazing results .

  4. Avatar of Jenifer Campbell

    Jenifer Campbell

    With the help of this course I was able to care for my hair with natural herbs and it’s awesome . I love this so much I am now an expert

  5. Avatar of Deborah Edwards

    Deborah Edwards

    Thanks for making a wonderful course that helped life . This is amazing.

  6. Avatar of Patricia Martin's

    Patricia Martin’s

    I was able to follow the course outline adequately and I got better results . My skin burns and ezecema are all gone . My skin I spotless .

  7. Avatar of Maria Taylor

    Maria Taylor

    I can now extract hair treatment from herbs without having anything to worry about.

  8. Avatar of Mary Allen

    Mary Allen

    I gave this skincare course a trial and it was the best decision I ever made . very impactful!

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