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Full Body wellness Scan


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Full Body wellness Scan

Note: After your payment you will receive a mail that will contain a link to book an appointment with our Herbalist therapist with additional instruction.

Do you have a feeling of just being “off”? Are you experiencing a sensation that something is wrong, either mentally or physically, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is? Or perhaps you are experiencing unexplained pain in certain areas of your body, suffering from

anxiety or having trouble sleeping? If so, you are the perfect candidate to explore the process of Mind and Body  Scanning.

The Mind and Body  Scan is conducted in two parts which often takes within 30 – 45 minutes to complete. This scan provides overall body-specific information which identifies areas of “pre-illness” resulting from patterns of emotional compromise that are building up but have

yet to manifest in the body system.

After requesting a scan through our website, you will be mailed a personal profile which you will be requested to complete prior to your scan.

This assessment tool identifies your personality as to how it neurologically receives and processes information which are basic essential functions that your brain performs daily.

Knowing your neurology is necessary because the stress from being in ongoing situations that requires decision-making in a manner inconsistent with your natural style, ultimately shows up as a deficiency or illness in your brain. The degree and duration of the

compromise determines the magnitude of the condition manifesting within your body or mind. Where the disease manifests itself is where it points to the emotional issues where the compromise matters.

After identifying these “hot areas,” an intensive diagnosis is provided to determine the presence of disease, pre-illness, or energetic imbalance. Certain physiological conditions are revealed to you with attention to the emotional  issues held within your bodily tissue.

It’s important that you understand that receiving your  body scan information must not be undermined. You, or someone who will be accompanying you, are strongly advised to take detailed notes during the scanning process. This information is your responsibility to

capture in order to share with your health care team to devise a successful treatment plan.

The scan concludes by identifying the natural energy flow for your personality and your actual energy flow in a logical, comparative method. The information from this type of scan helps both in dealing with your health care team in making decisions about life changes

needed and to ultimately allow me to share with you a suitable remedy for your health issues.

After recording the information your body provided during the scan, it will help if wait a few days to absorb the information to allow you to deliberate on any treatment or action of your choice. This time will enable you to process fully these valuable health insights you never knew before. It is also a time to recognize that it is an honor to understand what your body has given you.


As earlier stated, this process lasts between 30 – 45 minutes, depending on whether you chose a single or combined scan. Both scan durations are available to you.

Please note, this is an information-gathering tool, not a diagnosis.

Knowledge is so important in addressing unknown health issues, which will lead you to improved wellness in both mind and body.

So, don’t delay! Schedule your appointment today

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3 reviews for Full Body wellness Scan

  1. Avatar of Johnson Robt

    Johnson Robt

    Thank you Anthia for the consultation moment,it was really helpful.

  2. Avatar of Hope Autumn

    Hope Autumn

    After I had the consultation period with Anthia,my l felt drastical change all over,thanks for your time Anthia.

  3. Avatar of Ellen josh

    Ellen josh

    Nothing so easy than to see a trusted person to pour your mind to,I consulted Anthia on some personal issues and she gave me a perfect solution,book an appointment with you regret it.

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