One of the essential requirement in making decision is access to relevant information on the issue. Best way to gather enough information is through questioning. As a brand we are ready to build trust and transparency with our buyers. Therefore, we have compiled all most frequently Asked Questions in other to guide your decision making about us and our products.

If you still have any question of your own which has not be answered here, you can send them to info@finestherbalshop.com

Organic herbs is a healthy solution to some of our most common health concerns. Teas that are produced commercially are just made with the lowest cost ingredients to maximize profit and we get it that works well for most commercial companies. Organic herbs are targeted at treating a particular illness in the body.

Here’s the elephant in the room – All people are not the same. All illness types are not the same. All environments, food intake, quality of water, etc. – vary on a massive scale. So many factors affect the condition and wellbeing of your health – which is why at finest herbal shop, we choose to blend and use the best organic ingredients to make our tea with varying different naturally occurring herbs, and essential oils that nourish and place focus on addressing your health needs.

Yes, Finest Herbal Shop are health-sensitive friendly. We understand that we all have different needs for our our body along with differing perceptions of aromas. If you see a product you like but want us to remove an ingredient or add an ingredient – we will be happy to create a custom tea tailored to your needs. Contact us at admin@finestherbalshop.com

Yes! We always blend our tea with all natural organic ingredients listed on each product to avoid any known allergies. If you’re still unsure, contact us at info@finestherbalshop.com we are happy to accommodate your health needs!

No, it is not advisable to use herbal medicine concurrently with other drugs so as to avoid counter reaction in the body and other contradictions that may lose danger to life. It is advisable to see your medical advisor before you start using herbal medicines perhaps you just finished some drugs. Also it is important to inform your herbal consultant before you start using herbal medicine. This action prevent any likely danger.

Most plants are subject of scientific research and experiments. The therapeutic constituents of most plants have been scientifically proven but may have not be tested on humans. While some may have not undergo scientific experiments or validation. But this ultimately does not pose any threat has herbs has been an ancient means of healing.

Herbal medicine has been acceptable among people Nationwide and it has consequently provided healing to many people, but most Government authority and policy do not fully certified herbal products. Therefore a government organization has been set up to regulate our practices.

Yes, we do offer herbal consultation and therapy services to interested customers.