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All you need to know about Women Infertility

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The lack of a child in a marriage has been one of the latent causes of divorce around the world. The ability to bear a child within a few years after marriage is a sacred wish that is respected in common traditions of Southern America, East Europe, and Africa. So when such expectation is not met, such marriage collapses!

According to the U.S Health Department, infertility is not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying. Deducing from this definition, it must be noted that infertility can be judged based on participants in the reproduction process. This involves both the man and the woman, meaning men can be infertile as well. 

My focus, for now, is on the infertility of women. To buttress the above definition, any woman who can get pregnant but cannot keep such pregnancy is also infertile.

When it comes to infertility in women, some basic factors must be considered to ascertain the condition of such an issue. Age is a determining factor of fertility in women, women in the age range of menopause are likely not to get pregnant no matter how hard they try. Women are considered to be fertile when they are in their 20s to late 30s.

Another possible cause is Ovulation Disorder, which affects the reproduction hormones. It happens when the menstrual circle is not regular and every other hormone that indicates the fertility condition of the ovary is not regulated. It is a major cause in women. 

The presence of Fibroid and Cyst in the woman’s uterus is also a strong factor that determines the fertility level of a woman. When this tumor starts to develop, it obstructs the ovary and therefore reduces the chance of pregnancy. Fibroid breeds other factors that cause infertility. Other factors like blocked fallopian tubes, internal bleeding, and miscarriage.

Aside from the marital disappointment that infertility causes, it brings pain and marital trauma for women that are victims of this health condition. This condition also makes most women desperate to do whatever it takes to get a child. This desperation has led many to acquire substances or pills that have damaged their womb or caused other chronic diseases in their body. 

Children are a gift from God, it is best to trust herbs which are a natural gifts God bestows on man in finding the other gift- babies. Finest Herbal Shop’s Women Infertility Tea is a trusted and proven herbal tea that treats infertility issues in women. 

It is made from the extracts of herbs like ginger, nettle raspberry leaves, bissy, and other medicinal herbal materials. This product is 100% natural. 

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