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Advance Herbalism Course


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Advance Herbalism Course

Course Description

We will contact you with the link to access the calendar and files for your training via your email, we will also present you a certificate ate the end of your training and ship your training kit to your shipping address.

This course examines traditional and modern methods of turning Herbs and Spices into Herbal Teas for enhancing bodily functions such as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Low blood pressure, Infertility in man or woman and Viruses. This course reveals the benefits of herbal teas and its health implications and cautions.

Course Objectives

• Understand the meaning of Herbs and Spices
• Know where and how to get the Herbs and Spices for Herbal Teas
• Know the methods of preparing the Herbal Teas
• Identify the types of Herbal Teas
• Understand the health benefits of Herbal Teas
• Know the effects and side effects of various Teas


All enrolled and registered individuals and lovers of Herbal Teas

Prerequisites: Student readiness and commitment


1. What is Natural Herbs and Spices ?
• When to get the natural herbs and spices
• Where to get the natural herbs and spices
• How to get the natural herbs and spices
2. What are the Body Functions ?
3. Types of Herbal Teas
• Green Teas
• Black Teas
• Differences and Similarities of the Teas
4. Methods of preparing the Herbal Teas (for their purposes)
• Methods of mixing Green Teas
• Methods of mixing Black Teas
5. Health benefits and Uses of Herbal Teas
• Health benefits of Green Teas
• Health benefits of Black Teas
6. Precaution and Caution of mixing and uses of Herbal Teas

1 review for Advance Herbalism Course

  1. Avatar of Nevaeh Natalia

    Nevaeh Natalia

    Really health is wealth,with this course have been able to know the type herb to use which is suitable for several health condition

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