5 Best Herbs for Medicinal Use in your Garden

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If you do not have a garden, you can still read and gain tangible information from this blog. Besides, you can get the mentioned herbs from local stores in your community.

Have you ever wondered what more is attached to the plants you have in your garden aside to beautify your garden? The real importance or purpose they could serve your family beyond providing rosy flowers. Something tangible to compensate for the time you dedicated to weeding the garden.

There was a time when a friend of mine decided to stop the garden in her backyard due to the stress of maintaining and keeping the plant in the garden healthy. She shared her stress experiences with me, and I pitied her but I could not encourage her to proceed in her wish of abandoning the garden. Why?

Garden is a commonplace of listening to the power of nature due to the natural elements that are present in there. Most gardens in America, even in other parts of the world contain plants (otherwise called Herbs) that are attractive in their various nature and shape, and importantly, they are therapeutic.

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What are therapeutic herbs?

According to the Science diet, Medicinal plants are an essential natural resource for the treatment of more persistent diseases.

Medicinal plants are the same as therapeutic herbs. They are plant species that contain secondary metabolites that can be used for therapeutic purposes or can be used as precursors for the synthesis of new drugs. 

They are herbs that contain special antioxidants that can perform healing in the body. Parts of medicinal herbs such as the leaves, stems, roots, seeds, bark, and flowers serve as ingredients for herbal remedies for some frequent illnesses and disorders that you might be experiencing in your health.

Perhaps, you have read something like this before now, but your interest was not awakened due to one reason or another. I bet this particular time you need to open your heart to receive the information and insights that could help your health condition.

More than one-third of Americans have been reported by Verywellhealth to have turned to herbal remedies to help treat various kinds of diseases and ailments. The same is the experience across the globe.

What are the best medicinal plants close to me?

I will share with you here 5 medicinal and therapeutic plants/herbs that are commonly available in your garden or your local stores. These herbs contain highly active properties that will be beneficial to your health.

It is worth noting that not all plants in your garden is medicinal, therefore you have to be careful of which plant you use in your homemade herbal remedies. Consult an herbal practitioner to be certain. But here are the assured medicinal herbs for you:

#1 Chamomile

Here it is, for those who have been searching for what natural herb to take for anxiety. Chamomile contains therapeutic properties that reduce anxiety in the body and promote relaxation. It also contains antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant, and antidiarrheal elements that can help to work wonders in the body.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, “Chamomile is a versatile herb”. In some parts of Europe, it is used to treat swelling, reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

Chamomile can be consumed as a tea, or used topically to solve skin problems. Chamomile taste and fragrance are apple-like.

#2 Rosemary

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Rosemary is an active stimulant of energy that sharpens the memory and helps to provide more oxygen to the brain when consumed. It provides enough energy to the body when consumed. It is naturally a reviver herb.

Its therapeutic qualities are unique. It can be planted in the garden with little or no extra effort different from other plants.

Rosemary can be consumed as a tea, or blended with other herbs as an herbal remedy for a particular ailment.

#3 Lavender

Lavender is among the mint family that grows well in many places around the world. It naturally carries a pleasant smell.

It is commonly used for medicinal purposes such as aromatherapy, treating insects bites, clean wounds among other things. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities.

Due to its smell properties, its extracts are good for essential oils, and perfume making. Its smell works well for mood uplifts.

It is available in many forms such as tea, essential oil, dried herbs, and powder.

#4 Tumeric

Tumeric is among the most popular medicinal herbs in traditional medicine. It has a plethora of therapeutic elements that provides healing and treat common illness in the body system.

It has antioxidants such as Curcumin which works in the body to keep the body’s immune system healthy and boost the activities of the immune system. Also, anti-inflammatory properties that prevent arthritic pain in the body part. It can also be used to cure skin problems.

Tumeric can be used to a made herbal capsule, it can be served as one of the cooking ingredients in our daily meal. It is often blended with other herbs for herbal remedies.

#5 Peppermint

Peppermint like other mints is highly medicinal. It helps to relieve digestive discomforts such as indigestion and vomiting. It solves muscles problems when applied as a lotion on the skin.

According to National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, peppermint is more potent as medicine than it other culinary families.

It can be served in tea or blended with other herbs for herbal remedies to treat one illness or the other.

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